Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Blog Site

Here is the new blog site, I will no longer post on this one so please check the other one for updates on our family.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going to change Blog Names Soon

Well as you all know the Cole Family of 5 is now 6 so we will be changing our blog site soon and hopefully you will be able to find us with a link. I'm still working out the details.

Well it's been a rough week home, recovery from baby has been easy, but the other surgery has definitley been a challenge. I cannot do much with my left arm and I am not allowed to lift up anything more than 5lbs (Praise God Jaden is only 4 1/2 lbs), Madison has definitely been a little clingy to Michael because of it, she really wants Mommy to hold her so we are working around her climbing up on things to get to my lap. Every day I get better but it is a challenge to hold him on the left side to nurse him, I know God is answering my prayers every day by making me stronger and helping him with nursing so it is not too much work for both of us.
He continues to amaze the doctors we went on Monday for your 2-4 day follow up after you are discharged, interesting having all four kids in one small doctors office at one time, but since Jordan had her 7 year check up and Jaden his 3 day check up we all had to go. Jordan did GREAT better than I thought since she got two vaccines - she didn't even cry. We were so proud, of course her arm is still sore where she had one shot but I can't complain too much. As for Mr. Jaden, again he amazes the doctors for his size and ability. They all expect to see this little sickly baby at 4 lbs and quite frankly I was quite convinced he would have lost more weight with still learning to breast feed, but we are supplementing although he seems to not want much of it after breast feeding. I don't know if he's just worn out from nursing (it takes so long in the beginning) or he is just full. But he has gained back almost all of his weight, he is back to 4lbs 5.5oz in less than a week (not that he had much to lose - but you know they always lose a little before they check out), his coloring is perfect (his billirubin sp? stabalized so it never got higher than 8.7 - great for our kids they all top out around 11 or 12) he's alert, active and just so darn cute! OK I'm bragging. He is eating the typical 2-3 hours so there is definitely that adjustment again but hopefully he will gain weight quickly and can hold more food in his tummy and sleep longer because right now Michael is here to get up with the kids but in another week he is going back to work and then it's almost all me.

Hope you like some of the pictures.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The story of how God heard by Mike

As you are aware we have struggled with a name for our new son ever since we found out he was a boy. We have run the gamit of names from Riley to Parker to Conner we even narrowed it down to 2 by the day of his birth. Parker and Conner were the favorites. Of course for those of you who now us they where not going to be chosen as we can not do anything easy. When our little guy showed up Monday morning we where sure he was going to fit one of those two names. Not so, Parker was eliminated early which left us with Conner, a favorite of mine for multiple reasons. However Michelle thought it sounded to rough and tumble and at 4 lbs 6 oz he was not either of those. We then came across Aiden which sounded great and means, little fire. "Little Fire" very appropriate for how well he was doing and of course his size. But Michelle wanted to think about it, I went into the office for about an hour and came back to an undecided wife. We fired up the laptop once more, this time we came across Jaden. I liked the sound and thought it fit without knowing the meaning. Michelle liked how it sounded but was not fully decided and wanted to sleep on it, which meant look for more names while I was at home when she should of been resting. Now you have to understand the Birth Certificate lady was going to call the next morning at 9AM to get his name. At 8:30 I called Michelle and found a still undecided mom, I finally had to call in the Dad card and we decided on a name. The meaning which is also part of the title of this post is God has heard, as I have prayed for a son and God has provided as he always does, of course it took 4 children to get there, but all worth it. So if you haven't figured it our yet we named our son....

NO longer Thor or FNU or any other concoction of names I can come up with our boy has a name. Thank God our boy has a name.
As a side note Michelle will get to see him today after her surgery is complete and she has rested for a couple hours. That is a huge answer to prayer as she thought she wouldn't see him again until tomorrow when everyone goes home. Thanks for all the support and prayers.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby's Here posted by Mike

As many of you have heard I was pushing for the name Thor...

However as he entered this world at a wopping 18 inches and 4lbs 6oz that name does not quite describe his massive pressence. So we have yet to determine a first name so First Name Unknown (FNU) Michael Cole has arrived as of 1:15 AM on July 1st. Here are some pictures and I am sure Michelle will return to posting once she is out of the hospital sometime later this week.

Seriously why do we take these pictures.
He looks like he went ten rounds with Rocky.
Mom and FNU at 1:45 AM. I was sleeping I think.

Ooops no I wasn't sleeping, see here's the proof. Michelle, Me, FNU and Dr. Hodges we all look pretty good for 1-2 AM, especially Michelle, she did all the work.

Yes the Girls love him.
We will have to protect him from all the love Madison wants to give him....

Baby Doll that moves and squeaks.

Just for a size comparison.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scrambling to get things done

So I'm scrambling and in panic mode, don't know why, I know the doctor will tell me that I will be induced sometime in the next week. I'm hoping it's not Friday, I just want to make it to July 1st. Trying to get some things accomplished, like Madison's room finished, curtains, rug, bedding etc. Moved her bed and some clothes in, she really likes her room. We can't begin getting the nursery ready for our little boy (sorry no name yet), until I move her completely out. (I know there is time since he will be sleeping in a bassinet for at least 2 months but, honestly can't see it getting done once he's here. Packing a bag, his clothes are so little, it's hard to imagine he will fit into them, it's like he will be a little doll (a little panicked that they made a mistake and he is actually a girl) and I have no idea what to pack for myself. Wanting my house to be a little clean (it's falling apart and I can't keep up) and doing the usual worrying about EVERYTHING. The kids are in dance worship camp in the morning, thank goodness they are having fun and my wonderful friend Donna is bringing them home (so I can rest of course.....which I'm not doing). I'm spending some time with Madison while getting stuff done, I'm most worried about her since she has no idea what's happening (the girls think the baby's coming home this week - trying to explain that it's not) and Michael's got some really great stuff going on at work, but very busy, it's weighing on me. I know I just need to continue to give it God and let him take my load, not doing such a good job, hence why I am posting at 4:45am. I know I will sleep better once I have a date and hopefully stop contracting as much as I am, I don't know how people go into labor on their own, it's nerve racking.

Monday, June 23, 2008




So Michael found the first picture on the Internet when we were searching for some kind of decoration to do in Madison's room (we never do anything simple). We were originally going to just frame some posters of shoes (Madison LOVES shoes), and then hang some shoes up on the wall on some small shelves, but he decided to really take it to the next level (because we have so much free time on our hands). However, after working on it almost every night for a solid week (it has to be at least 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide) this is what we have come up and I think it turned out pretty well. With the exceptions of curtains we are ready to move her into this room, hopefully this week.

Happy Birthday Jordan

It's hard too believe my baby has turned 7. It's scary and funny and so sad for me. I can remember everything like it was yesterday, all the things she's done and all the things I know she will do. I pray for her daily, and for our relationship that it would be strong and she can always know that I love her no matter what. I hope that I can continue to foster her love for the Lord and grow it so that she knows she can trust in him to calm her fears. She's got such a heart on her and I can see where she has grown over the last year. She's so sweet, I want so much to protect her from so much but my prayer will always be for the Lord to take care of her when I can't be with her and that we show her unconditional love no matter what.

Pictures for Father's Day

So Michael got to play golf for a day and a half with his Dad, so I took the girls to get one last picture of the four of us before the baby is born.

You can't even tell I'm pregnant in this picture.

A little late for a one year old picture but at least we got it taken before she turns 2.

35 Weeks

OK So here I am at 35 weeks, feeling rather large, although apparently I have not gained a whole lot of weight in the past few weeks and the little guy is just LITTLE!

At 32 weeks the doctor's told me to start taking it easy, so what do I do, the complete opposite.

1. Hold a garage sale (need room for new baby's things).
2. Plant the garden in my front yard (it was looking kind of sparse - Michael was in Kansas City at the time.)
3. Empty out room for Madison (used to be Kaleigh's old room and then a play room)
4. Help paint mural for Madison's room.
5. Take pictures for father's day for Michael and Madison's first birthday a little late (will post later).

Hallelujah it's all done.

Computer Trouble

Been having some computer trouble lately and I can't stand it, I haven't been able to do anything for the past week or so because it's been so intermitten, not that I need to add another thing to my already stressed out plate.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Haivng some trouble with Pictues

Having some trouble with my computer and posting pictures, but I will try to get it fixed so I can do post some because we just had some really cute ones done for fathers day.

Last day of school

Yeah, the last day of school was Friday and we are looking forward to some time off, and hopefully sleeping in. Looking back I see so much of how Jordan has changed and I'm so excited for her, we were extremely blessed to have the teachers she had this past year. What an answer to prayers. She has really benefited from the teachers that she has had and their loving ways. Now I need to continue praying for her 2nd grade teacher so that she receives the best teacher possible to help continue to grow my daughter to become an amazing young lady.

Kaleigh's prayer

"Dear God thank you for this day, thank you for what you have given us, and please God help me with my behavior so I don't act so bad sometimes.. Amen"

I'm guessing she's tired of being in so much trouble some days.

Conversation between Michael and Jordan at the dinner table

"Daddy I love you" (random out of nowhere - happens a lot)

"I love you too Jordan"

"Daddy, do you love me when your mad?"

"I will always love you, even when I don't like the things that you do."

"Like God, he loves us no matter what"

"Yes, God always loves us no matter how much we sin and make mistakes, he still loves us just like I love all you and I forgive you when you make a mistake."

Few minutes of silence iwth deep thought

"I'm glad."

Every once in a while she comes out with some good ones that realy touch my heart, because I know she is listening to what we are saying.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

34 Weeks

I had a little help with my 34 week photo.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Good Day

Today was a good day, very well balanced which never happens in our house, it's either too much play (not often enough) or too much chores, errands, get stuff done. Today was a good mix, after I fed everyone breakfast Kaleigh, Madison and I took Jordan to the bus stop and went on a nice walk to enjoy the beautiful weather this morning. Of course it took a lot out of me to walk that half a mile, but the girls had fun, then we hung outside for a while before we came inside to do some chores (make beds, clean up, etc.). After that grabbed a snack for everyone and set out to get the car inspected, it was up this month and was waiting for the early morning rush to pass. Got back threw some laundry on and put Madison down for an early nap (normal time is 1:00 today it was 11:30 because we had to be at Jordan's school at 1:45). While Madison took a nap, Kaleigh and I did the dishes together (she actually likes this chore, once she gets the dishes away, she likes to wash the ones in the sink - likes to play with water). After the dishes were done, we sat down to wrap Jordan's birthday present and make father's day cards for the grandfathers. (Really it's a way to get in some writing and reading). That took about an hour we had lunch, then threw in some more laundry. Madison woke up around 1:30 gave her a quick lunch and headed for Jordan's school, where we visited her FLAT STANLEY museum - very cute. After we picked up Jordan went to do some errands, shopping for father's day stuff, gas up the van (this kills me every time), and the post office to mail our cards. Got home in time for dinner (already prepared) and then got to play outside until it was time for bed. All in all a good day with a good balance. Wish I could say all the days could be this way. Got time alone with Kaleigh (some times she gets the short end of the stick because of Madison and chores) and still got to spend fun time with all the kids. Now that Jordan's last day is Friday I hope I get to spend a little more alone time with them before this little guy comes and all chaos breaks loose. Next weeks challenge, finding the right activities for each child and still squeezing in 4 doctor's appointments and finishing up Madison's room to move her in before the baby comes.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Coffee Night

After I had Kaleigh there were a group of women from my church, who were meeting for a playgroup, once every other week (I think - it was a long time ago and I can't remember with baby brain), we had a great time, but it became increasingly difficult to meet once we all had so many children - some of us had 2 or 3 and a group of 6 moms well that's a lot of kids to let play together and keep track of, so we came up with coffee night. At first it was a good size group 6 or 8 moms. We had a blast, a few have moved away and we have added some here and there. Courtney (standing directly to my left) has been doing it since the beginning. I met her through the nursery committee at church when Jordan was one and Diana (all the way to the right) I've known since Jordan was about 3 months when we met in the cry room at church. Meghan I met through Courtney and Diana, these women are AWESOME, for a long time our friend Jean (who I miss terribly - she's moved to Boston) was coming before Meghan and I thought no one will replace Jean, we've had some deep conversations, but Meghan is amazing. All of these women are we can talk about some very deep and Godly issues to the most mundane of topics. We go to this coffee shop and we always close the place down, they are litterally politely kicking us out by putting up the chairs and sweeping around us. I love these women, they are my sisters in Christ and they are my balancing of part of still being a women, not just Wife, mother, sister, etc. I miss them when we don't get to meet and sometimes I wish we could meet more than once a month but sometimes like this last time it's been several just because our schedules have been crazy, and now both Courtney and I are about to have our fourth child (she is due 10 days before me and she looks incredible) so I know it will be a while before we can get together again, but I know that no matter how much time passes we just pick up where we left off and I'll always have a good laugh.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I really like these pictures

I keep forgetting how big a heart this child has. In my exhaustion and hormonal days I just forget how much she puts out there of herself. I worry about her heart because she is so sensitive to everything, she loves whole heartily, some times to her own detriment. Her moods can be like tornadoes calm and peaceful before the funnel and forceful and destructive after it's touched down. It can be exhausting for us but I forget it can be exhausting for her too. She loves on so many levels. As you can see she even loves our dog. If it weren't for me and Jordan the dog would have been gone a long time ago, because while Kaleigh, Madison and Michael like the dog, (OK maybe like is a stretch for Kaleigh - how about tolerate) they certainly could be very happy without the dog. I know it would really hurt Jordan and if the dog went to another family, she is ours and she will be part of this family for as long as she is alive. So the compassion that my daughter has for the smallest of things is truly an amazing gift.

Pig Tales

This is the first time I was able to put pig tales in Madison's hair. Though it took some convincing she finally left them in for a short while I was able to take a quick picture. The girls just think she's a baby doll, they fuss with her worse than I do. She also has a mouth full of teeth, it's incredible how fast she is growing up.

Some cute pics

We took the kids to a strawberry festival on Memorial Day weekend and it was a lot of fun. There was lots to do there, hay rides, face painting, horse back riding, petting zoo, games and of course food. The kids had a great time and though we didn't actually get to pick strawberries, we purchased them there and ate through them in lightening speed. They were delicious. Sorry I didn't get pictures of that, we ate through the small bunch so quickly. Nothing like fresh fruit.

32 Weeks and No photos

OK so I am 32 weeks pregnant, sorry I didn't take a picture, not that I didn't want to I just haven't had the time. We had a garage sale, not so great (not tragic did get rid of a lot of toys). Feeling very sluggish, hormonal and tired. Had a sonogram done last Thursday, the little guy is doing great (except he doesn't have a name) he's weighing in at 3lbs 6oz and still there are 6 - 8 weeks left to go. I am ready to be able to breathe again and roll over from one side at night to the other without the huge belly in front of me and having to rearrange some small pillows. It could be worse I could not be sleeping at all so I better be grateful I am at least doing that. Praise God. Other than that, we are doing well, getting swallowed up by chores that need to be done before baby comes and balancing that with spending fun time with the kids before baby comes so no one gets shirked. Lord please help us have the strength. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kaleigh's Singing at her schools Graduation Party

Kaleigh got to sing for the graduation party at her school it was so cute.

This is a cute age, I'm just glad she didn't pick her nose.

31 Weeks

OK so I know in this picture I don't look very big but you really can't tell until you see me in person how big this belly really is. I am currently at the same weight I was when I was pregnant with Jordan. (She was the one I gained the most with because she was my first pregnancy).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I had a really nice Mother's Day and I wish all you mothers a wonderful day as well. We went to a nice lunch and the kids were so excited, they really wanted me to have breakfast in bed but Michael and I agreed it would be better with them especially Madison if I came down to breakfast. It was really sweet and they were so excited, hugging and kissing me. It was so nice to not have to lift a finger the entire day. If I could, I would declare everyday Mother's Day. I had a really nice, although huge lunch, at a nice restaurant the food was DELICIOUS, I couldn't eat the rest of the day, and then just sat around napping and watching TV. You can't get any better than that and I am getting a new video camera, so I just have to pick it out (which is actually really hard) but I hope to post some new videos soon. Maybe even our little guy (name still not determined).

Disney 2008

So we took the plunge and took the kids to Disney. Now when we booked this trip and put our down payment down we did not know I was pregnant and going forth again, thank goodness I won't be pregnant ever again, I would not do Disney World Pregnant. It's very hard to walk around in the warm weather (thank God it wasn't really hot) and try to visit every park while you are there. We did however have a really good time. The girls loved it, albeit through some of the meltdowns and tantrums and since we wound up not going on our cruise because apparently you cannot travel on a cruise when you are more than 23 weeks pregnant, we didn't get to do the relaxing part of our vacation. So we stayed two extra days at Disney and did Typhoon Lagoon and Animal Kingdom. So while it was not relaxing we did have fun and the kids loved it.

Magic Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

One of their favorite rides the Teacup.

On the Dumbo ride.

A good rest.

And then the happy smile.

It's a small world ride, another big hit with the little one.

Lunch with the princess was a highlight. We got to meet Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Belle and Mary Poppins, but Kaleigh did not want to take a picture with Mary Poppins because she was not a princess.

A must at Disney, especially by day 3.

Her first real Carousel ride, she loved it!

Speed Racer.

An unhappy princess.

A real highlight for us was breakfast with Mickey and pals they loved it and it was the best day we had a Disney.

Such a difference a few years makes, 4 years ago Jordan was almost 3 and wouldn't go near any characters this year she was just so excited and wanted to hug them all.

Madison wasn't exactly crazy about them but she was willing to give Pluto a kiss on the nose.

Disney Market - Madison liked the dragon from Lego World.

The Finding Nemo ride was cute at Epcot but the Finding Nemo show at Animal Kingdom was really good, the girls really liked that, it was really well done.

The Hoopdy Doo Review - A really fun show that involves the actors and the audience. A little pricey for what the food was (barbecue) but the shows was fun.

Our last night at Disney, everyone had a lot of sun and we went to see a really good friend of mine from High School and her family (two of the cutest boys on this earth) who live outside of Tampa. I'm so bummed we didn't get to take one picture, it's not like we didn't bring the camera but I think by the last night there we were fried, not just our skin but our brains as well. We all had had enough of the meltdowns and we were all exhausted. I hope I don't have to wait another seven years to see them.

Baby Ticker has been removed

Ticker has been removed due to arrival of baby on July 1 at 1:15 AM.