Thursday, July 3, 2008

The story of how God heard by Mike

As you are aware we have struggled with a name for our new son ever since we found out he was a boy. We have run the gamit of names from Riley to Parker to Conner we even narrowed it down to 2 by the day of his birth. Parker and Conner were the favorites. Of course for those of you who now us they where not going to be chosen as we can not do anything easy. When our little guy showed up Monday morning we where sure he was going to fit one of those two names. Not so, Parker was eliminated early which left us with Conner, a favorite of mine for multiple reasons. However Michelle thought it sounded to rough and tumble and at 4 lbs 6 oz he was not either of those. We then came across Aiden which sounded great and means, little fire. "Little Fire" very appropriate for how well he was doing and of course his size. But Michelle wanted to think about it, I went into the office for about an hour and came back to an undecided wife. We fired up the laptop once more, this time we came across Jaden. I liked the sound and thought it fit without knowing the meaning. Michelle liked how it sounded but was not fully decided and wanted to sleep on it, which meant look for more names while I was at home when she should of been resting. Now you have to understand the Birth Certificate lady was going to call the next morning at 9AM to get his name. At 8:30 I called Michelle and found a still undecided mom, I finally had to call in the Dad card and we decided on a name. The meaning which is also part of the title of this post is God has heard, as I have prayed for a son and God has provided as he always does, of course it took 4 children to get there, but all worth it. So if you haven't figured it our yet we named our son....

NO longer Thor or FNU or any other concoction of names I can come up with our boy has a name. Thank God our boy has a name.
As a side note Michelle will get to see him today after her surgery is complete and she has rested for a couple hours. That is a huge answer to prayer as she thought she wouldn't see him again until tomorrow when everyone goes home. Thanks for all the support and prayers.


kristen said...

I love all the names and choices, but really love Jaden. I think it's perfect. Can't wait to meet him and see you all - when things settle down a little bit... :) Congrats!!

vandorsten said...

great name - congratulations!

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