Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby's Here posted by Mike

As many of you have heard I was pushing for the name Thor...

However as he entered this world at a wopping 18 inches and 4lbs 6oz that name does not quite describe his massive pressence. So we have yet to determine a first name so First Name Unknown (FNU) Michael Cole has arrived as of 1:15 AM on July 1st. Here are some pictures and I am sure Michelle will return to posting once she is out of the hospital sometime later this week.

Seriously why do we take these pictures.
He looks like he went ten rounds with Rocky.
Mom and FNU at 1:45 AM. I was sleeping I think.

Ooops no I wasn't sleeping, see here's the proof. Michelle, Me, FNU and Dr. Hodges we all look pretty good for 1-2 AM, especially Michelle, she did all the work.

Yes the Girls love him.
We will have to protect him from all the love Madison wants to give him....

Baby Doll that moves and squeaks.

Just for a size comparison.


Brenda said...

OMG he's beautiful! You two make beautiful children...I love having another second cousin in the world! Definitely have your hands full now! It's been years since I've seen you all hopefully I'll get to see you soon!

Courtney said...

ahhhh!!!! congratulations!!!

Baby Ticker has been removed

Ticker has been removed due to arrival of baby on July 1 at 1:15 AM.