Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Good Day

Today was a good day, very well balanced which never happens in our house, it's either too much play (not often enough) or too much chores, errands, get stuff done. Today was a good mix, after I fed everyone breakfast Kaleigh, Madison and I took Jordan to the bus stop and went on a nice walk to enjoy the beautiful weather this morning. Of course it took a lot out of me to walk that half a mile, but the girls had fun, then we hung outside for a while before we came inside to do some chores (make beds, clean up, etc.). After that grabbed a snack for everyone and set out to get the car inspected, it was up this month and was waiting for the early morning rush to pass. Got back threw some laundry on and put Madison down for an early nap (normal time is 1:00 today it was 11:30 because we had to be at Jordan's school at 1:45). While Madison took a nap, Kaleigh and I did the dishes together (she actually likes this chore, once she gets the dishes away, she likes to wash the ones in the sink - likes to play with water). After the dishes were done, we sat down to wrap Jordan's birthday present and make father's day cards for the grandfathers. (Really it's a way to get in some writing and reading). That took about an hour we had lunch, then threw in some more laundry. Madison woke up around 1:30 gave her a quick lunch and headed for Jordan's school, where we visited her FLAT STANLEY museum - very cute. After we picked up Jordan went to do some errands, shopping for father's day stuff, gas up the van (this kills me every time), and the post office to mail our cards. Got home in time for dinner (already prepared) and then got to play outside until it was time for bed. All in all a good day with a good balance. Wish I could say all the days could be this way. Got time alone with Kaleigh (some times she gets the short end of the stick because of Madison and chores) and still got to spend fun time with all the kids. Now that Jordan's last day is Friday I hope I get to spend a little more alone time with them before this little guy comes and all chaos breaks loose. Next weeks challenge, finding the right activities for each child and still squeezing in 4 doctor's appointments and finishing up Madison's room to move her in before the baby comes.

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Courtney said...

yea! love those days!

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