Monday, June 2, 2008

I really like these pictures

I keep forgetting how big a heart this child has. In my exhaustion and hormonal days I just forget how much she puts out there of herself. I worry about her heart because she is so sensitive to everything, she loves whole heartily, some times to her own detriment. Her moods can be like tornadoes calm and peaceful before the funnel and forceful and destructive after it's touched down. It can be exhausting for us but I forget it can be exhausting for her too. She loves on so many levels. As you can see she even loves our dog. If it weren't for me and Jordan the dog would have been gone a long time ago, because while Kaleigh, Madison and Michael like the dog, (OK maybe like is a stretch for Kaleigh - how about tolerate) they certainly could be very happy without the dog. I know it would really hurt Jordan and if the dog went to another family, she is ours and she will be part of this family for as long as she is alive. So the compassion that my daughter has for the smallest of things is truly an amazing gift.

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