Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scrambling to get things done

So I'm scrambling and in panic mode, don't know why, I know the doctor will tell me that I will be induced sometime in the next week. I'm hoping it's not Friday, I just want to make it to July 1st. Trying to get some things accomplished, like Madison's room finished, curtains, rug, bedding etc. Moved her bed and some clothes in, she really likes her room. We can't begin getting the nursery ready for our little boy (sorry no name yet), until I move her completely out. (I know there is time since he will be sleeping in a bassinet for at least 2 months but, honestly can't see it getting done once he's here. Packing a bag, his clothes are so little, it's hard to imagine he will fit into them, it's like he will be a little doll (a little panicked that they made a mistake and he is actually a girl) and I have no idea what to pack for myself. Wanting my house to be a little clean (it's falling apart and I can't keep up) and doing the usual worrying about EVERYTHING. The kids are in dance worship camp in the morning, thank goodness they are having fun and my wonderful friend Donna is bringing them home (so I can rest of course.....which I'm not doing). I'm spending some time with Madison while getting stuff done, I'm most worried about her since she has no idea what's happening (the girls think the baby's coming home this week - trying to explain that it's not) and Michael's got some really great stuff going on at work, but very busy, it's weighing on me. I know I just need to continue to give it God and let him take my load, not doing such a good job, hence why I am posting at 4:45am. I know I will sleep better once I have a date and hopefully stop contracting as much as I am, I don't know how people go into labor on their own, it's nerve racking.

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Renee said...

Wow, I can't believe the baby is coming so soon! I'm so excited for you guys and hope to meet "baby boy" when we come. (Hopefully he'll have a name by then.) :-) I'll be praying for you this week. Please let us know when he arrives!

Baby Ticker has been removed

Ticker has been removed due to arrival of baby on July 1 at 1:15 AM.