Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break (American Girl Store)

For those of you who have never heard of the American Girl Doll store it's quite a marketing ploy. They have these dolls they sell at a premium and then market all the clothes, accessories and items any girl could possibly want. The girls grandparents have each bought them things to go with the dolls, first it was the Bitty Babies now it's the big girl dolls. They are cute but I swear you can get a very similar doll for a fraction of the price at Target without the marketing. They of course have a catalogue so that each girl can choose the type of dolls they want, they have era dolls from different periods through out history, they have the Bitty Babies and of course the Just Like Me dolls, which you can choose and pick, everything, from hair color, eye color, skin color to hair texture to make the doll look exactly like you. Now while my girls were not interested in a doll that looked similar to them they were interested in picking a doll that had what they wanted, hair color, skin color etc. Grammie was all to happy to provide for Christmas. We have since purchased them some accessories and Mima also bought them some clothes this time around when we went to the store. Now the store is quite an experience.

This is the store directory, as you can see it 4 floors, with the main floor being the Just Like You doll floor. Not only do they say it's a Just Like You because you can pick it out but you can also purchase clothing that matches your doll. I kid you not, there are girls walking through the store matching their dolls clothing. There is a hair salon, theater (where you can catch a fashion show), restaurant where you can have your doll sit in a high chair at the table with you, and of course the Bitty Baby level.
This is Jordan's Doll with her new outfit. It comes with a bathing suit, pants, a top, hat, sun glasses and flip flops. Quite a bargain really.

And of course Madison loved the Bitty Baby stroller we were hard press to leave the store, leaving the stroller behind, she was not too happy about it. One of the many disappointments in life.

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