Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chore Chart

I was asked a lot of questions about my chore chart so I thought I would put up a couple of pictures of it so you could see what I was talking about. I took some time to make but it has been pretty successful in our house. We have a little more trouble with Kaleigh keeping up with it she is only 4 but she is doing a good job with it. Each week the girls have their chores to do, and some of the chores alternate on different weeks. There are chores like Clean up toys, clean up room, make bed, eat dinner (this is a big struggle with Kaleigh being pretty picky and desert did not work) put away laundry, Awana verses and Bonus, those chores never change and are the same for both girls. With the exceptions of homework for Jordan (Kaleigh doesn't get homework) and breathing treatments for Kaleigh (she does this every day from Oct. through end of April and hates to do this one) those are the only ones specific to each child. The rest change sides from week to week, like unloading the dishwasher, feeding the dog, set the table and clear the table (which includes pushing all the chairs in and wiping down the table and making sure all condiments are put away). We have pictures next to each label since Kaleigh can't read and Jordan is just really learning to read. A Bonus star is for something Michael and I see that is unexpected, being kind to each other out of the ordinary, helping with dusting or something out of the ordinary. Jordan received one recently for getting a really good grade on a quiz she did all by herself (she gets a lot of help from her teachers in school with quizzes and work).

There is a day marked for each day of the week with each chore, yes this took a long time but was well worth it, the girls were an excellent help with this. They put the velcro on everything, each square and each star and they helped decorate their own Bonus tab, everything has velcro attached so it can be changed maybe something is working for us, it can easily be changed with something else. There are a total of 77 stars and each star is worth $0.10, they average about 32 stars a week. We are not super strict with them about the stars but we do encourage them to earn them. There are some that absolutely need to be done, like unloading the dishwasher and feeding the dog, the dog needs to eat and I can't cook without clean dishes. Since they cannot reach the upper cupboards I allow them to just stack the dishes in front of where they go, like glasses and plates. I do the sharp knives. Each child does better at some chores than others, like Kaleigh unloads the dishwasher and can make her bed quite quickly, but hates to do laundry breathing treatments, and of course eating dinner (she's very picky). Jordan easily will out away her laundry, pick up toys and eat dinner. She doesn't like unloading the dishes, or making her be (her beds a full bed and a little more of challenge ...sometimes she gets Kaleigh to help, pretty smart if you ask me.) No one fights about putting the shoes in the bench or feeding the dog, but each child is an individual and they each have their own personality. We try to encourage to keep things going, like if we see it's been a good week we try to spend one one one time seperately with each child. When there are not a lot of stars we say we know you had a rough week, how can we make it better next week. Then on Sunday we count up starts and divide up the money. The girls have 3 envelopes, one for church, one for savings and one for spending, we use the little manila envelopes for that, and they decorated their envelopes once I put the picture on them so they understood. Kaleigh has an extra IOU envelope because she is a little more destructive and is putting money towards the things she has broken ie..a cut computer mouse cord. For the past month they have diligently saved up their money putting things in their envelopes, we tried to take them to Target so they could spend their money after 2 weeks but they soon realized that they couldn't buy a lot with $6, finally this weekend they each have about $15 they are very excited, because they know they can finally buy something substantial. Plus they have been great about putting their money in the tithing at church and leaving some in savings. It has been a good lesson for all of us and worth the long effort to put it together.

So I hope this answers every one's questions and feel free to call me if you have any others. I like our method we may have to make some minor changes, (especially to help a shorter term memory like Kaleigh) but overall it works well.

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kristen said...

This is really cool! I never got it together enough for Matthew - but I definitely will plan something just like this for Maia. It will make following and keep track so much more easy! I guess I have a little time now before that will start, but always good to have the idea in my head! Neat neat neat!

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