Monday, March 3, 2008


I just got back from my retreat and I feel so refreshed. I love going away on my retreats because it really me a chance to be renewed and restored in my faith. I don't get a spa treatment (although going away for a spa treatment would be nice) I don't sleep great (I'm not in my own bed or laying next to my husband), I don't even eat well (lots of heavy ..delicious..comfort food) but I just feel so at peace when I get back. I just always feel great. It's my time away, alone with God and some wonderful friends. I miss my family terribly, but the time away always makes me appreciate them more. Thanks Abi, Heather and Linda, I had a blast, my sides still heart from laughing so hard. Thanks Abi for talking me into going even if we had to have a later start.

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kristen said...

On Saturday, I realized the retreat was this weekend and that I was missing it! I go on retreats every year, and although I'm on a type of retreat, I missed the one with you all this weekend! I'm glad you are renewed, refreshed and restored! I'm also glad you are updating your blog more, I'll have to check it more often now!! You look adorable at 18 weeks and 3 days... I hope you are feeling well, albeit tired. Hello to all for me. I miss you!! ~kristen

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