Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Shoes

I know I am raising girls, I have three and they are all shoe hounds. Went to the store to buy Madison a new pair of shoes because she has outgrown her shoes we just bought in January. She has grown a shoe size in less than two months. Kind of surprising for us since our girls tend to have small feet and take a long time to grow. Madison is already a size 5 pretty average for this age but she has the biggest foot so far, all the other girls were either a size 3 (Jordan for her whole first year) and Kaleigh was a size 4 for at least 6 months) so it was a little surprising when I had to buy Madison new shoes. When we got to the shoe store she was like a kid in a candy store, so many shoes to try on and so little time. Every time we put a pair on she didn't want us to take them off, even if it was to try another pair on. Such like a woman, couldn't decide. Finally we bought a pair that was easy to get on (especially for a pregnanty mother) and off. Of course she has already figured out how to undo the velcro, that took all of 2 days and still does not like to take them off when, even when we get home.

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kristen said...

It's all about the shoes! They are so cute. I love that she loves shoes and she is so young. :) I bought shoes for Maia yesterday and get to try them on her today to make sure they fit! I hope so - I love them. She seems to really like shoes too, but so far, they've all been too small. So with luck, she can have these shoes and they won't hurt her cute little feet. I remember Matthew was a 5 at 1 year... and I think these are a 4.5 (European sizing though...) and she is 17 months... but she is small. Size 9 months-12 months in clothing, so I guess that is possible. Talk to you soon!

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