Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and Spring Break

So the girls and I went to New York for a few days during spring break it was great to see some of our family even if we were there for only a few days. It's hard because I really wanted to see so many more people, which is why we spend almost a whole week in the summer and usually 4 days around Christmas, so that I can get to see everyone while we are there. Unfortunately this time around I was only there for 2 days, a short trip to do alone, just me. Michael had to work and is saving his vacation for our vacation and delivery of our little baby boy (still can't help but smile at that one). So pregnant, and tired I went to New York. The girls are usually pretty good when we go, but this time they were having a bit of hard time, don't get me wrong they love visiting their relatives and playing with cousins, they really get spoiled while we are there, but they were definitely out of sorts. They don't sleep well or eat well and they really miss their Dad. They just don't like it when we are all apart. Even with all the fun we have, we miss having him around. So we were glad when we went home, although we already miss our family. The girls like going in the summer because they get to go to the pool and be out at the parks and play and this time it was just too cold to do any thing but visit people in their homes. Below are some pictures from our trip. The last couple of weeks they kept asking if we were going to Mima and Papa's for Easter and I said I think so and then they wanted to know how the Easter Bunny would find them there (what a racket) and I told them maybe the Easter bunny wouldn't bring them any thing because we know what the true meaning of Easter really was, so we had been doing Resurrection Eggs with them until Easter Day. On Easter day we drove from Mima and Papa's house to Grammie's house, 5 hours away. The kids were great in the car ride both ways, the rest stops were definitely a little dicey and I can tell you this I won't be traveling to New York by myself with 4 kids until all my kids can walk, speak clearly and follow directions. I digress.. We got to Grammie's shortly after lunch and did an Easter egg hunt and finished our Resurrection eggs, the girls really liked doing them and wanted to keep doing them, even though we did the last one on Easter. They had a lot of questions and surprisingly knew a lot of the stories already, it really touched my heart. Their souls are so pure at this point. Their love untarnished. Of course the Easter Bunny still brought them a few things, but they kept the true meaning in their hearts and that to us was the most important thing.

The last of the Resurrection eggs with Michael.

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