Friday, April 4, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Started the girls on swimming lessons so they would be OK while we were on vacation in a few weeks. I was a little concerned that they would be frightened of the water since we haven't been in a pool since last summer. They were so excited and jumped right in, it was great. Of course Jordan almost drowned the third class when she slipped off the wall and being in 4 feet of water she can't reach the ground, but lucky Daddy was there to save her, as her teacher was helping another student. However she was a brave trooper (so not like her) and got right back in the water. We were really proud of her, the safety issue at the pool with all the managers has been addressed, thanks to my conversation with the two aquatic directors and Michael's letter to the rec centers general manager. Not only will there be two teachers teaching the class now for a class with 11 kids but there will also be a life guard walking around in front of the class, during the session. Let's hope Jordan still wants to get in the pool, the next class.

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