Friday, April 4, 2008

It's been a few weeks

Sorry all haven't posted in a while, we have had some very busy couple of weeks. We have had 2 weeks of no sleep, between Kaleigh's nightmares and Jordan's getting out of bed because of them, we haven't had a good night sleep since we left for New York. I have been extremely irritable and praying about it a lot, Kaleigh and I haven't been getting a long because of it, so I prayed that God would help me with rest and lots of grace for Kaleigh. Well he decided to give me rest alright, 2 days in Fairfax Hospital with chest pains. I didn't think it was that big a deal but aparently with my history of heart stuff they decided it would be best for me to stay overnight for observation. All of this happened when Jordan had her first grade field trip and Kaleigh started her first tennis lesson (yes she has to get some energy out). Thanks to my mother-in-law she was able to come and fill in and take Kaleigh to tennis, while Michael went on the field trip. I got sit around and Fairfax hospital reading for 2 days. Not quite the rest I had in mind but I'll take what I can get. I of course did not sleep, because someone is in your room checking your vitals and in the coranary care center your room has one wall that is completely glass (think of the show HOUSE on tv) so you can hear every single conversation that goes on all night long. So we are now beginning week 3 of no sleep. Now when I need it most. So I am trying to catch up on some sleep while the kids are in school and Madison is taking a nap.

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Courtney said...

michelle - SO sorry! i'll be praying for SLEEP for you!

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