Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

We're not so into the exaggeration of Valentine's
Day celebration but we do like to do a few fun
things, like paint crafts for our loved ones and of course
making chocolate covered straweberries, an absolute
must on Valentine's Day.
I don't like the whole idea of spending oodles of money on flowers
or jewelery I got mad at Michael one year for spending a
fortune on flowers, to which he has never bought me red roses on
Valentine's day again. However, he brings me flowers
all the time, sometimes he can just tell I'm having a
bad day and he'll just show up with a boquet.
So for us Valentine's is not about roses, candy and flowers, but
having fun together making special crafts and havinge fun
making special foods.
Then of course I have to remind the girls that God tells
us to love one another every day not just Valentine's Day.
I'm glad they get it.
I love this picture of Jordan she is just
getting so big and beautiful, it kills me
every day.

Kaleigh always in a dress or skirt and headband. She's such a girl.

Our smiley drooly sweet pea.

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