Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting By

So now that the shock of being pregnant has passed I'm not feeling too bad, I'm just about at that 16 week mark where you start to feel pretty good. I have to say though I'm pretty tired, by the
end of the day my body is ready to plop. Most days I struggle out of bed at 6:30 but feel pretty good in the swing of things by 7:30. However, here in lies the deceit, because I feel good I think I can keep up my pace, you would have thought I would have learned by now that trying to squeeze in that last errand would cause me damage. Most days the girls are great they allow me to rest for half and hour so around 3:00 when Madison takes her second nap, which then allows me to function again and get through dinner and bedtime. But the days I don't rest, like today, Preschool, Girl Scout meeting (including errands before hand to prepare for meeting) getting home at 4:15, wiped and exhausted make dinner, to which Michael leaves at 6:30 to go to TFM at church, leaving me to homework, baths and bed time routines. So by 8:15 the bed is calling my name!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I'll have a time to rest.

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