Saturday, September 1, 2007

I can't beleive it's Sept. 1st

I'm in shock really, it's hard to believe that our summer is over. Where did it go? It's so hard for me to think of Jordan going into 1st grade, it puts such a lump in my throat, I fight back the tears. On the one hand I'm so excited for this chapter in her life to begin but now for sure she will be a big kid, one that's in school all day.....At least I still have Kaleigh and Madison. Although if it were up to Kaleigh she would be going to 1st grade with Jordan or at least Kindergarten. Slow down there sweetie there is still so much time. This time is so fleeting I need to savor every moment. As for Madison I need to put weights in her diaper she gets closer to crawling and pulling her self up on things every day, I'm not ready for that! I didn't tell her she could do that, I do not give permission for my kids to grow up, because it's just not fair!! Do I sound like a 4 year old? You bet.

This has been a quite a summer, beginning with a trip to the beach, a trip to NY to see family, summer school, VBS, the girls doing an awesome job learning to swim and finally ballet camp. What a world wind, no wonder it went by so fast, good thing I didn't blink, because I might have missed it all.

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