Saturday, September 29, 2007

The crazy month of September

So this has been the craziest September EVER and that is no exaggeration. We are all exhausted and worn out. Between the start of school, ballet, girl scouts and Awana, Michael has done more traveling in the last month than he has in his entire life. It started out with him going away for the Men's Retreat at church to going to South Carolina, Miami and then St. Louis and finally away for a golf weekend that was planned three months ago with his dad. In between all of this we had Madison dedicated at church. YES! he owes me big, and sometime in the future we will discuss my time away for the weekend.

Pictures from Madison's Dedication

Yes this is very cutesy. I have to do it while I can.


We managed to squeeze in Awakening FEST (christian rock concert) with 15,000 people, it was a beautiful day, a little cooler than we thought but we had all had a good time just spending the day together.
Of all the people in the world we managed to sit right next to my friend Felicia
who I haven't seen in over a year completely unplanned.
We were in a Lamaze group when we were
all pregnant with our first children. That's her son Austin her first child, she
subsequently has 2 other children. I'm still friends with the other ladies,
though we don't get together that often anymore, but I wouldn't have
made it through those first few months at home with out these ladies.
She's such a Daddy's Girl.

I love this picture just me playing around with the camerae with the girls.

Here is Madison trying to stand with while she was trying to figure out how to crawl. Yes another over achiever. Watch the video below to see more. It's funny this is her at the beginning of the month, now at the end she's up, she's crawling, she's even starting to slowly cruise.
We've already had to drop the crib to the lowest setting because she's pulling herself up in her crib. She wasn't even eight months yet. YIKES.
I'm so not really ready for all this.

Hit the play button to watch., it's a little grainy, but cute.

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