Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yes there is a sleeping Jordan under those books

You can't make this stuff up. Yes there is a Jordan asleep under all those books. Since the girls were in Utero I have always read to them. They love to be read to and pretend to read themselves. Each night the kids get 2-3 stories, sometimes we read together sometimes we read them individually but it is our favorite time of the day. When we are done the girls are allowed to read quietly to themselves until they fall asleep. Kaleigh usually falls asleep with in 5 minutes but Jordan takes longer, she loves books and when she learns to read she will be a veracious reader. I know then we will have to start turning lights off or she will never fall asleep. One thing I hope is that she will always love to read, even when we stop reading bed time stories to her.

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