Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Dragon that Daddy Slain

So the girls have been asking for weeks if they could make the dragon from the sleeping beauty movie. If you all have this movie you know Disney's marketing plan, so they can charge extra money for an old video, brilliant really. So we finally collected enough of the supplies so we could make two, because you know we can't just make one. It looks like the easiest thing, a milk carton (no problem), paper plates and cup (no problem), tape, markers and construction paper (no problem).....egg carton (PROBLEM) we don't eat eggs any more. Since we are watching our cholesterol, we don't buy eggs, only egg beaters. So we had to wait until Easter coming so we could buy eggs to color and use the carton. It was worth the wait and the girls loved them, Michael did a lot of cutting while I did a lot of directing, IE..."make sure you cut that at an angle." It looks so simple and yet too a lot longer than anyone thought. Thanks for the patience hon.

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