Thursday, March 8, 2007

10 Things you should know about Kaleigh

  • Even though she knows she is three, she doesn't believe she is three, she can do anything her sister can do.

  • Like most younger siblings she wants to know why she can't do some of the things her sister can do, like go to kindergarten every day.

  • She has a big heart but is stingy with her kisses and hugs, except for Madison.

  • She knows how to push Jordan's buttons.

  • She is the drama queen in our house, with a temper to match. She's 3 and all girl.

  • We think she is a vegetarian, she won't eat meat, but she loves all fruits and some vegetables as long as there is ranch dip to go with them.

  • She loves ballet, and wants to wear her ballet tutu every day, she can't wait until her daddy paints her room this summer to add the ballerinas on the wall. She wants to be the Prima ballerina.

  • She loves school but doesn't like to get dressed to go to school, she would rather go in her pajamas.

  • She would wear a dress every day if allowed and especially if it were pink, with make up glitter.

  • She LOVES her sisters, Jordan is her best friend and she really misses her when she is at school.

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