Thursday, March 8, 2007

10 Things you should know about Jordan

  • She has a heart of gold and worries about everything. Gives unsolicited hugs and kisses all the time.

  • She's shy until she gets to know you then she is very sweet, unless you are her sister.

  • Like most 5 year olds it's all about Her.

  • She loves books and loves to be read to, punishment for her would be to take away her books.

  • She only eats peanut butter and jelly, yogurt, chicken nuggets and chocolate pudding and she only drinks milk and apple juice.

  • Purple is her favorite color.

  • She is mommy's little helper, with everything - even when she doesn't need the help.

  • She wants to be just like the boys but is too much of a girl.

  • She LOVES her sisters, Kaleigh is her best friend even if she doesn't know it or won't admit it.

  • She IS daddy's little girl.

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